This 90k cubic foot balloon is the little brother to Honor and is often found flying our private passengers. This Kubicek Balloon is equipped with the new Ignis Plus Burners and a beautiful basket with a door for easy access for our guests. All of our balloons are given a patriotic name.



The newest balloon to the fleet is the 160K cubic foot 6 passenger balloon from Kubicek. Allegiance is built for warmer mornings and a little more lift when needed. Also equipped with a basket with a door and New Ignis Plus Burners.


We are excited to welcome Air-O-Gance to our fleet of balloons. At 105K Cubic Feet it can carry up to 4 passengers and does spend most of its time on the road at events pleasing the crowds with its beautiful, colorful pattern.


Welcome Captain America to our Fleet of Balloons. Captain America is a 210k cubic foot balloon carrying up to 10 passengers over the beautiful landscape of East Pasco and New Tampa. Our Handcrafted Kubicek Basket allows for easy access even for our older or more experienced guests with a door on one side. This basket has a partition in the middle to keep our guests safe during flight and landing.


Honor is a 150k cubic foot Kubicek Balloon. It can hold up to 6 passengers and is equipped with a door to offer our friends, family, and veterans an ease in entering and exiting the balloon. Honor is a special balloon in our fleet as it was designed to represent the Honor we have for those that serve our great nation. We placed the silver in its pattern to represent those that stand out in our country to Protect our Freedom.


American Swirl

NEW 120k cubic foot Kubicek Balloon Economy Class.

This balloon will accommodate 4-5 passengers and is also equipped with a door for easy access.

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty has been a sentimental balloon in our fleet as it is the perfect trainer for our up an coming pilots. It is a 54k Aerostar Aurora Balloon and has brought the fun and passion into the hearts of all the legends that have flown it before. This is a great balloon for flight training or if you are just getting your hours in. It is easy to pack and flies like a dream with turning vents and all the bells and whistles.



Meet your Pilots:

Tom Warren -

Tom has been flying balloons since 1998 and is the lead pilot for American Balloons. He is also a rotocraft pilot and is instructor rated for flying balloons. He loves to be in the air!! Tom has won and placed well in many races throughout the United States. He is also a well know for his stint of commercials on Bay News 9. He has Three beautiful children and looks forward to teaching them the art of flying as they get old enough.


Rob Nutting
Rob Nutting has been around hot air balloons his whole life. Growing up in Indianola Iowa where a 10-day National balloon classic event is held. Rob received his first flight in 1987 at the age of 5 years old. At that time he knew ballooning was what he wanted to do. In 2003 he bought his first hot air balloon. Since then he has traveled all over the United States flying hot air balloons and in Leon Mexico as well. Rob has flown several different sizes of balloons with the largest being a 24 passenger balloon. Rob is a 20-year retired veteran from the United States Air Force and loves to fly. He is married with 2 kids. Both his wife and son are currently working towards their pilots license. He's hoping here soon to work towards his fixed wing endorsement.

David Fuller
Captain Dave Fuller is honored to be a part of the American Balloons Elite Pilot Team. Dave has been involved with balloons since he was 13 years old while growing up in Atlanta. He dreamed of flying planes but has found that balloons were more exciting and were great when picking up chicks. LOL He later moved to Orlando, where he became a pilot and crew chief for Remax while he was working for Universal Studios, Nickelodeon and freelancing in various acting jobs. Dave now resides in St. Augustine where he flies down the coast and drifts amongst the St Johns River when he is not drifting over Wesley Chapel. When the weather does not allow for balloons he can be found scuba diving, riding bikes, and hanging with his kids.

Meet your Crew:

Jessica Warren -

Jessica has been flying and crewing balloons since 1998 and is the lead crew chief, scheduler, and coordinator for American Balloons. She loves meeting our passengers and being a part of their amazing new experiences. "Making memories is what we do!" When she is not crewing the balloon she is coordinating the Festival of Flight in Wesley Chapel each year as well as builds our community relations department and works on our marketing. She shares three beautiful children with Tom and works hard as a mom.

JD Allen -

JD has been with American Balloons since 1998 and took a short time off in 2000 to pursue his contracting career. JD is our on staff nutritional instructor and fitness guru. He helps keep our staff in shape so they can be prepared for all types of balloon challenges. He is also a Math Teacher and Football Coach. JD is an essential part of our team and is training to become a pilot as well.

Gregory Smalls -

Greg has been a wonderful asset to our hot air balloon crew for over 4 years. He is currently a senior in high school and has been playing high school football throughout his career.
He was also awarded the Christian Character Award this past year for his outstanding Christian character. This award is decided by the entire student body as well as the staff and administration and is the highest award given out at school. He is hoping to pursue his sports career in college and loves crewing the balloon more than flying in the balloon. We are blessed to have him on the ground with us ready to take on any challenge to ensure the safety of your flight.

Paul Wolfe -

Paul is a veteran of the US Navy and an Alumni of USF, he is also a licensed parachute rigger and a tandem skydive instructor. Paul was a former passenger that fell in love with flying and has been a great asset to our team. He is often times found jumping out of planes in Zephyrhills when he is not here as balloon crew. Ask Paul about his amazing purse designs that he sews together in his spare time.

Katlyn Warren -

Graduated From Land O Lakes High School and is a graphic designer for Big Frog Designs. She is currently engaged and is looking to complete college soon. She is a pilot in training and has been training since she was 14 years old. She loves having her heads in the clouds and can often times be found in the basket more than on the ground.

Zachary Warren
Zachary is a full time student at Land O Lakes High School and is looking forward to a college career playing soccer. Zack has been crewing a balloon since he was born as he is the son of Tom and Jessica Warren. He is a great asset to our balloon crew.

Keegan Wysong
Keegan joined our hot air balloon family the summer of 2021 and has been a fast learner and a great asset to our hot air balloon crew. Keegan will be graduating in the class of 2022 and is looking forward to playing soccer and golf in college.